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KR Engineering

KR Engineering is made up of experienced engineers, technicians and draughts-people to cover all departments of Structural, Geotechnical, Civil Environmental and Fire. Economical designs, decisive solutions and progressive engineering, tied together through a single point of contact to make the process easy and clear, which delivers unsurpassed results for our clients.

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KR Projects

KR Projects is made up of experienced project directors, project managers, quantity surveyors, architects, design technicians and BIM experts. From the very beginning we aim to build value into every part of a project and deliver an inspired solution.

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KR Capital

KR Capital [previously known as Pillar Property Investment Ltd] provides investors with a diverse scope of investment opportunities and facilitates those investments by providing clients with a complete managed commercial investment opportunity.

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KR Software

KR Software is made up of experienced programmers, engineers and support staff. Creating software solutions that are functional, accurate and add value is made possible through our unique combination of first-hand experience of knowing how engineers, architects and designers think, and a clear understanding of how that translates into a digital user experience.

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Our Latest Projects

Kaikoura Sudima Hotel2020

We are proud to announce Kirk Roberts Consulting are offering full services to Sudima Hotels & Resorts for the new Kaikoura Hotel. Opening 2020, the 4.5 star hotel will offer 118 rooms on the shoreline of Kaikoura's township.

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Toru Apartments2020

Toru Apartments is a development that will contribute to the supply of affordable workers accommodation which is well known to be in short supply in Queenstown. The developer wanted to utilise a timber frame, pre-fabricated construction, in line with the current movement towards modular construction.

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