Health and Safety

  • It is company policy that Health and Safety is the first agenda item for all our meetings.

  • Our H&S system is a certified SiteWise Green certificate holder. Our staff are SiteSafe certified and trained to the required standards for attending client sites.

  • Our ongoing staff safety training programmes empower our employees to manage hazards and control systems.

  • We are developing automated site inspection software that includes a comprehensive Health and Safety management module.

  • We have implemented a comprehensive wellness system to prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of our staff. This acts as a framework to manage and reduce sources of stress, while utilising established methods such as the five ways to wellbeing to boost staff resilience.

  • Our ongoing staff safety training programmes empower our employees to manage hazards and control systems.

  • We hold regular safety culture surveys and H&S audits to gauge staff attitudes, and their understanding of health and safety requirements.

Our standards
Quality Control

Your project progress is reviewed by a senior specialist and managed throughout with a comprehensive online project quality process following the principles of ISO-9001.

Our rigorous processes are designed specifically to mitigate risk to all stakeholders. They include independent document checking practices, comprehensive cross-team communications and regular in-house audits.

Documentation and Services

Our comprehensive project documentation exceeds industry standards and provide our clients project with the least amount of site issues, delays and variations, giving our clients certainty and peace of mind. It’s just one way we aim to exceed your expectations.

Peer Review

We have close working relationships with several other engineering consultancies and can arrange for a peer review of your project if required by territorial authorities or our clients.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) includes:

  • Identification of our team members who have the experience, skills and knowledge to work on your project.

  • Project briefings to ensure everyone knows what you, the client, wants and needs and to outline key responsibilities and timeframes.

  • Our Quality Management and Document Control software – developed in-house for our specific needs – which reviews and approves all internal and external documentation.

  • Regular audits and inspections of our processes, systems and records, which provide safeguards that our QMS is operating effectively and that our team members are following these processes. Ultimately ensuring that you, our clients, are getting the best service possible.

  • An on-site inspection and monitoring service that ensures the agreed design is being delivered.

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Here at Kirk Roberts, we are always looking for people who align with our core values and fit with our team. Have a look at what opportunities we have available. If you can’t find a position that best suits your experience, we still want to connect and are looking for extraordinary people like you.

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