Our services include

  • Site investigation and reporting

  • Foundation investigations and design for residential, commercial and industry developments

  • Onsite stormwater Investigation and Design

  • Onsite wastewater Investigation and Design

  • Liquefaction investigation, analysis and reporting

  • Construction monitoring

  • Slope stability analysis

  • Settlement analysis and reporting

  • Temporary works design

  • Retaining wall investigation, analysis and reporting

  • Geotechnical hazard assessment and analysis

  • Natural hazard assessment and analysis

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Geotechnical Engineering

Do I need a geotechnical report?
This is dependent on the requirements of your local authority and the type of structure you are planning to build. For most dwellings/structures your local authority will require you to have a building consent (please refer to your local authority website for information on what requires a building consent). As part of the building consent application, you will need to provide a geotechnical report that provides information on the ground conditions of the site and what is required to met the requirements of the Building Act for the design of the proposed development.

Is there a standard price for a geotechnical report?
No – the cost of the geotechnical report is dependent on a number of factors, which includes:
• What you are planning to building on your site
• The size of the structure that is planned to be constructed
• What the local ground conditions are
• The topography of the site
• Where is the site located i.e. a rural site may require a storm water disposal system and wastewater management system assessment to support the building application
• Are there any site-specific local authority requirements for the site i.e. liquefaction assessment, soil expansivity

What is liquefaction?
Liquefaction is the process which causes soil to behave more like a liquid than a solid during ground movement i.e. an earthquake. For further information: https://www.ecan.govt.nz/your-region/your-environment/natural-hazards/earthquakes/liquefaction/

Retaining walls – do I need one designed?
This is dependent on the requirements of your local authority, in most cases a retaining wall that is retaining more than 1 metre will require a building consent. The building consent application will require a Specific Engineer Design (SED) and associated documentations including a geotechnical report.

Are they any region-specific requirements?
This is dependent on the requirements of your local authority and the location of your site. Your geotechnical engineer will be familiar with the local authority requirements and will be able to provide guidance on this.
For example, any development within the Auckland region that is being founded in cohesive soils (silts/clays) requires samples of the material encountered at 0.6m deep to be collected and tested in a specialist geotechnical laboratory to determine the soil expansivity of the founding material. The results of that laboratory testing will determine the foundation options that are suitable for your site and the minimum founding depth for the foundations.

What does a Geotechnical report cover?
A standard geotechnical report will cover the following:
• Site description
• Summary of existing geotechnical data for the site and the surrounding area
• Existing information relating to the property from the local authority database i.e. any existing buried services, geotechnical hazards, land features
• Outline of the proposed development
• Site Geology
• Soil investigation information
• Seismic considerations
• Slope stability assessment
• Geotechnical Recommendations

A geotechnical report will be approved by a suitability qualified ground engineer (geotechnical, engineering geologist or geologist). Some local authorities may require the report to be approved by a ground engineer that is prequalified with them i.e. Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council.

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