Our services include

  • Designing and providing fire design solutions to achieve code of compliance using prescriptive methods (i.e. NZBC Acceptable Solutions).

  • Designing and providing fire design solutions using Verification Method C/VM2 for buildings with design features that are outside the scope of Acceptable Solutions, complex characteristics, and where design flexibility is required.

  • Designing and providing solutions to Alternative Solutions and specific engineering design solutions by using performance-based fire engineering design approach.

  • Adding real value to projects by facilitating departures from prescriptive codes allowing architectural freedom and cost savings in designs

  • We use computer modelling programs to simulate fire and smoke spread in a 3D model and then cross references this with the evacuation modelling.

  • Using radiation calculations and much more, allowing architectural freedom and flexibility in designs for boundary walls.

  • Remediation works as part of existing building review and assessments for compliance and using As Nearly As Reasonable Practicable (ANARP) discussions, as per Section 112 (and Section 115) of the Building Act.

  • Active fire designs for life and property protection of buildings as well as firefighting water supply assessments to support civil designs.

  • Due diligence survey reports when buying a new building, to compare the existing fire safety features of a building with the current requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

  • Structural Fire Assessments and quantitative analysis for buildings (using NZ standards, Eurocode, and international guidelines) to add value to buildings using less conservative requirements.

  • Design/legal advice with regards to subdivision title change, waiver, relocation, or re-definition of boundaries, as per Section 116A of the Building Act.

  • Construction monitoring, contract administration, review and issue of Producer Statement (PS4) to sign off buildings.

  • Expert witness or court/litigation involvement to audit buildings, and producing detailed reports of any areas concerning non-compliant design or construction.

Our projects

Sudima Kaikōura – A world-class experience for locals and visitors
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Liz van Welie Aquatics
Liz van Welie Aquatics
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Guthrey Centre – Shopping in Christchurch’s CBD
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