The Share Trust

Investing for the future of our employees.

Innovative thinking extends beyond what we do for our clients into how we structure and run our own business. We have establised a Share Trust within the company ownership structure to invest for our staff and provide an opportunity for employees to take an active role in the development of the company.

The Share Trust allows employees to have additional benefits and prosper from the financial achievements of Kirk Roberts Consulting.

Goals for the Share Trust

  • Share the profits of our business with all employees.
  • Establish an investment portfolio that generates long term capital growth.

The Employee Committee

The Kirk Roberts Employee Committee (KREC) was formed in 2016 to represent the interests of all Kirk Roberts employees. The committee is democratically elected by our peers, and welcomes initiatives/ideas from employees on how to create and maintain the best possible working environment for all.

The KREC is responsible for;

  • Managing Share Trust funds, with an emphasis on profit sharing while maintaining capital investment for long term growth.
  • Representing Kirk Roberts employees at Board meetings.
  • Determining a yearly budget for social activities and presentation of this to the Board for approval.
  • Organisation of monthly social activities for Kirk Roberts staff, and mid-winter and Christmas functions for Kirk Roberts staff and partners.
  • Working with senior management to provide the best possible office environment for professional development and personal well-being.
  • Offering the opportunity for staff to participate in team sports or individual sporting activities.
  • Adopting employee initiatives that promote social interaction/team bonding.
  • Organisation of events/activities that will benefit the community in which we work, such as local charities or schools.