How do we keep our teams connected? And how do we get to know the new faces that we have joining the team? We’ve found a great way at KR and that’s through the joys of caffeine!

Being a growing multi-discipline consultancy with talented teams across our different buildings and regions, Kirk Roberts Consulting created regular but random coffee shouts, in a way to bring together various groups at different times.

With an active Employee Committee driving social events and fun team activities both in and out of work one positive initiative has been to randomly organise groups of around 7-8 to head out for a coffee, treats and a chat, and support a variety of local cafes.

“I’ve been to three since I started here last July and I look forward to seeing who’s in my group each time it pops up in my calendar,” says Jo Lynch Marketing and Communications Manager in Christchurch. “I’m a macchiato sort of wahine, or the occasional long black. One of my colleagues is fond of short black (espresso) and only in a demitasse cup (the small cup used to serve espresso).

“I love hearing the differences in our orders when we head out for a work coffee shout, and it’s a fun way to get to know my colleagues.”

On my most recent outing I learnt who our resident board game fanatics are, who’s kids were participating in the Weetbix Tryatholon and who’d take sweet over savoury!

Maree Tomlinson has moved from the Kirk Roberts Tauranga office to Christchurch. “For me it’s been a really good way to get to know the wider Christchurch team having moved from up north. We meet people who may work on a different floor or in another department that we don’t see often. We don’t really talk about work either, but we get to know colleagues on a personal level, like who’s off overseas and where they are headed.”

Taking that time to meet others who you may not work with directly on a daily basis, is invaluable and ensures teams aren’t siloed in their areas of expertise. Understanding how everyone contributes from their roles and experience also ensures we continue to build our culture here, driving our value of being one team, one waka.

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