Kirk Roberts is committed to driving the uptake of innovation to benefit client projects and performance outcomes. This means we invest the time and energy to ensure that we consider all options – not just traditional engineering approaches. In doing this Kirk Roberts also takes the view that assisting with knowledge transfer through seminars to other companies, agencies or professions helps the building and construction industry as a whole. While we are all aware that exciting new developments in materials or structural systems take their time to be accepted and applied Kirk Roberts is intent on building the capability that brings innovation to the forefront of our decision-making.

We also strongly believe that sharing our thinking and demonstrating the processes and considerations we applied when working for our clients has value beyond the project completion.

In this section we have chosen to highlight the current seminars that our directors or senior management team have on file. If you, your company or the training organisation you represent would like to organise a presentation of these or any other project that you have seen in our website please make contact.


Challenging Conventions – How Innovation, Risk and Resilience creates Better Buildings and Enables Greater Cost-Efficiency

Synopsis: This presentation took place at the New Zealand Institute of Building conference in March 2015. Cost-efficient, compliant and better buildings are the outcome of early engagement, dialogue between disciplines and innovative new technologies, simple structures and performance based design.



Foundation systems and their Suitability within the Canterbury Rebuild

Presented by Steve Roberts, Director, Christchurch

Synopsis: The presentation highlights the considerations and options for foundation design through providing diagrams, critique and live examples. Shallow gravel raft construction, stone column ground improvement foundations, pile foundations and injection piling installation systems are all detailed.



Young Hunter House A PRES-Lam Assertion in Damage Resistant Design

Presented by Jade Kirk, Marga Lamoreaux, Christchurch

Synopsis: Young Hunter House was the first internally post-tensioned laminated veneer lumber (LVL) multi storey commercial building to be built in New Zealand immediately adjacent to the now infamous Christchurch red zone. It is capable of withstanding drifts associated with a 1 in 2500 year seismic event. This presentation details the design of the structural system and the challenging context that was post earthquake Christchurch.