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Northpower Tauriko Tauranga

Project Floor Area:  2,080
2,080 m2
Project Budget: 3,000,000
Project Year: 2019

Kirk Roberts were engaged by Northpower to design the overall site plan, complete building design concept right through to finished resolved architectural design. We completed Structural and Civil engineering, engaged Fire engineering consultants including organising a peer review of those consultants. The Structural engineering peer review was also handled by our Structural team who worked closely internally with our Design team to deliver seamless coordination over departments to ensure the building owner and tenant had all their requirements met or exceeded. The project also saw our teams working across office locations [Auckland and Tauranga offices] to ensure the best teams were put together to deliver a robust solution.

The project comprises of Warehouse space of 1480m2 along with 2 storey office spaces of 600m2.  A secure laydown yard of over 4000m2 sits alongside visitor and staff parking areas of 900m2.

Tauranga’s rapidly expanding Tauriko industrial estate and the neighbouring residential development in recent years placed considerable pressure on the existing network necessitating an upgrade. The substation has ample capacity for further expansion in the Tauriko valley and is currently running at 25% capacity. 

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