Star Mountain PlazaCommercial / Cultural

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Project Floor Area:  7,500
7,500 m2
Project Budget: 750,000,000
Project Year: 2018

Star Mountain Plaza is a landmark project in Papua New Guinea and will be the country’s first integrated commercial development. It includes a world-class hotel, convention centre and commercial and residential assets. We were engaged to undertake the design of the complex impressive timber roof structure of the Convention Centre, which is inspired by the traditional Papua New Guinea longhouse and will cater for corporate and cultural events.


One aspect of the project that was different to the norm was working within the Australian building regulations and standards that apply in Papua New Guinea. Another major challenge was the complex architectural design and the fact it was a large international project with multiple complicated elements to coordinate. The design and manufacture was completed in New Zealand and then the components shipped to Papua New Guinea to be assembled on site.

“We were engaged to undertake the design of the complex yet impressive timber roof structure”


Our structural design incorporates a 29-metre clear span glue laminated arch portal frame. It also includes architecturally finished visual connections and a complex geometry that required 3-dimensional modelling in REVIT to ensure it was coordinated with the architectural model. We completed in-house fabrication design and full drafting of all structural components also used BIM coordination. This ensured a smooth production, coordination, application of the architect's vision and timely accurate on-site construction.


Construction is complete. We are proud to say our work was part of an early delivery date, largely due to the fact all structural elements and connection components fit precisely on-site without any rework required and therefore resulting in no time delays.

Judges Comments:
"The scale, complexity and manufacturing ingenuity all came together for a very impressive structure that flowed and reflected a powerful icon of the surrounding environment and culture. A high degree of expertise was required to create a set of curved structural elements that would be delivered and assembled within tight tolerances and in a remote location. The project is uniquely timber in that it speaks to the surroundings but also made the fabrication and assembly feasible overseas."

"The design of the Star Mountain Plaza Convention Centre roof structure features a complex 29 metre clear span glulam arch portal frame. The curvaceous form swoops and dives to create dramatic spaces beneath, and in doing so demonstrates the flexibility of engineered timber. The design of the complex structure and its components was developed through full BIM modelling and coordination which allowed for smooth, accurate manufacture and efficient assembly on the remote site."

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