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Hanmer Bach

Project Budget: 000
Project Year: 2018

From the beginning of this project KR were engaged by the client/architect owner. We reviewed the site layout, geotechnical conditions and likely foundation construction to ensure the site would allow a cost-effective development and smooth consenting process. The KR team worked with the architect to develop the timber solution, by taking him through examples of previous KR experience with cross-laminated and engineered timber. KR then collaborated with the supplier of the framing and panels and architect to ensure the the construction detailing was practical, cost effective and transportable. For the next stage we coordinated with the contractor to ensure the detailing and construction methodology was cost-effective and simple to build. As the contractor was Christchurch based the client had to pay additional accommodation costs during the build. So the construction methodology was to fabricate as much as possible offsite to accelerate the construction programme and reduce client cost. We looked at ways of reducing the wind, snow and seismic loadings onto the buildings through amending the geometry and construction materials. This ultimately reduced the material costs.

Collaboration with the architect was mainly one-on-one sessions where we discussed his aspirations for the design and his goals for the project. We went through a number of iterations on the design and detailing as the architectural design developed, and as we received further feedback from the contractor and manufacturer. CAD structural drawings were produced, with the architect leading the drawing production where the structural and geotechnical information was presented on hand-sketch drawings which were used for construction.

Kirk Roberts were thrilled to work so closely with the architect/owner and agree the quality of this dwelling is well deserving of its awards received.

This is the first residential project for KR that used CLT wall panels, roof panels and LVL portals. Its one of the few engineered timber houses in NZ

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