Our KR team actively participated in events, activities and initiatives to give back to our local communities in 2023. We’re passionate about making a difference in the communities we live and work in and it’s rewarding to be able to come together and support those organisations doing great work around New Zealand.

Here’s a snapshot of how we got involved in 2023!

1. Fowler Homes’ Hope Home Project in Queenstown: Building for Mental Health

We are excited to support Fowler Homes in building a house in Queenstown for the Hope Home project. This initiative will contribute 100% of its profits to Mike King’s I Am Hope Foundation, providing free counselling and support for young people under 25 across New Zealand. 

The Hope Home project is backed by the close-knit team at Fowler Homes and is supported by more than 30 suppliers who have generously donated many of the construction materials in an incredible show of solidarity, showcasing the power of community and businesses coming together to support a worthy cause. The auction is in October 2024, before Gumboot Friday.

2. Movember: Shaping Conversations, Fundraising for Men’s Health

Our awesome Mo Bros and Mo Sisters took centre stage in Movember, actively fundraising for mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. Together, they challenged each other walking and running towards a monthly kilometre goal, pulled together a whiskey tasting event as well as fundraising raising both spirits and funds for this important cause!

3. Breast Cancer Awareness: Painting Our Offices Pink

October became a sea of pink across our offices as we rallied behind Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink ribbon morning teas, fundraising events, and staff donning various shades of Barbie’s favourite colour were part of our efforts to raise funds and promote awareness for this important cause.

Mike King and Jason

4. World Car Free Day: Paving the Way for Sustainable Commuting

In support of World Car Free Day, in September many of our team took up the challenge and left their cars at home, exploring alternative modes of transport for their office commute. It was a perfect opportunity to consider how we travel into our various offices and what other ways might make a difference, not only for the environment but also being active for our health.

Jens Zollhofer, Senior Environmental Scientist biked to work and captured a fabulous rainbow on his ride saying “it shows that we’re living in a beautiful place and that going car free to work usually adds value to the day”. Did we find better ways? Yes- we moved around the country on bikes, on trains and even trainers!

5. Daffodil Day: Brightening Lives Affected by Cancer

On Daffodil Day, our team embraced brightness, sunshine, and happy daffodils while fundraising and devouring delicious, shared treats to make a significant impact on the lives of New Zealanders affected by cancer.

6. STEM Support: Nurturing Future Engineers

We’re passionate about people growing careers in Engineering so in June we continued our sponsorship of one of Tauranga Girls’ College STEM teams, supporting them in the EPro8 Challenge—an inter-school science and engineering competition. Every year over 25,000 students from throughout New Zealand take part. The semi finals of BOP/ Waikato EPro8 competition held at Waikato University and while it wasn’t their year to take home a trophy, it was fun with some really cool challenges based on old school computer games like Tetris and Pac Man! 

7. Pink Shirt Day: Celebrating Diversity and Kindness

Pink Shirt Day saw fushia, magenta, brick, watermelon, strawberry, fuchsia, bubblegum, salmon, crepe, blush, french rose and fabulous fandango throughout the KR regional offices.Friday 19th May becomes a sea of pink as schools, workplaces and communities join the Pink Shirt Day movement. The Kirk Roberts team joined together for fun pink morning teas. Why? To help stamp out bullying by celebrating diversity and promoting kindness and inclusion.

8. Aotearoa Bike Challenge: Pedalling Towards Health and Sustainability

Participating in the Aotearoa Bike Challenge, our employees enjoyed the benefits of biking to work, contributing to healthier and happier staff, sustainability, and improved mental health.

At KR, we believe that engineering a difference in our communities goes beyond designs and structures—it’s about encouraging positive change and leaving a lasting impact. Find out more about our values here.

Kirk Roberts sponsor of Tauranga Girls College EPro 8 team
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