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Ellerslie Stables
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$6 million
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With a reputation as one of the best racecourses in the Southern Hemisphere, the Auckland Racing Club chose to restore their original stables and build a new high-end event space. The fit-out of the historic building as well as the new structures acknowledge the history and heritage of the Ellerslie Stables, with new and old buildings working together seamlessly.

To make room for the new development, 70 percent of the original stables were demolished. Working  alongside Hayden Rollett Construction, the remaining stables were remodelled and seismically strengthened to meet today’s required standards. One key innovation was integrating the strengthening of the buildings existing walls into the updated interior design and new layout. This required strong communication and collaborative effort between parties.

There are four separate self-contained buildings in the development which our structural engineers’ developed the conceptual design that have provided an efficient and cost-effective structure. 3D modelling as well as concept strengthening design accommodating the proposed architectural design was included in the building consent documentation.

The new buildings now provide Ellerslie with a total of 22 event spaces, and saw the club host more than 14,000 people at the 2020 boxing day races. Concealed air-conditioning and ventilation were worked into the underfloor design, with structural steelwork cleverly hidden.

Chief financial officer of the club, Tim Gillespie shared his enthusiasm for the development. “The restoration and return of the totalisator façade is something I’m particularly thrilled about.”

Our civil experts undertook the civil engineering design for resource consent, detailed design, building consent and through construction monitoring of stormwater management system, wastewater system and water supply, 3 waters plan, earthworks plan, and ESCP, erosion/sediment control plan and including pavement design comprising car park level design, kerb and channel design, and sub-surface pavement design.

The drainage work saw new drains spanning the width of the track laid every five metres. This was completed hassle free with many industry experts expressing satisfaction.

“Everything went really well and the trainers we have had come look at it are very satisfied,” said Paul Wilcox, CEO at Auckland Thoroughbred Racing.

We’re pleased to have worked on this world-renown racing venue and to have supported the rejuvenation of the historic building, even buying the naming rights to one of the stalls, along with the thoughtfully designed new developments.





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