With a record number of entries for this year’s 2023 Timber Design Awards Kirk Roberts is delighted to have a project named as a successful finalist in the Innovation Timber Engineering category- Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre in Sydney.

After a review by a panel of judges this project is through to stage two of judging. The judges for this year’s programme included New Zealand Institute of Architects president Judith Taylor, New Zealand Timber Design Society past president David Carradine, sustainable architect at Scion Andrea Stocchero, and Structural Engineer Jan Stanway, from WSP.

Judges commented, “It was really impressive to see different parts of the building industry coming together and working collaboratively to develop such innovative solutions using timber. The combinations of materials, forms and technological advances will pave the way for the future of sustainable and resilient buildings in Aotearoa New Zealand. Structural systems, interior finishes and exterior applications have all been considered as opportunities for showcasing the unique and beneficial applications of timber.”

The Innovation Timber Engineering Award is a category that focuses on timber structures based on innovative engineering solutions (i.e. the design of a grid-shell or diagrid structure; adoption of damage avoidance design etc). Judging criteria encompasses showcasing engineering and construction innovation in maximising the ability to utilise timber in different ways and push forward with exciting and different solutions.

Winners will be announced later in the year at winners will be announced at the official gala dinner at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland on the 2nd November 2023.

Rodrigo Vargas exterior